Driven By Complete and Utter Disgust

by XharoldshitmanX

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released August 14, 2009



all rights reserved
Track Name: Perth Party Power Violence
Perth Party Power Violence.

Stealing from your friends is dumb
it raises one giant question
Why try and create a scene that nurtures part timers and thieves.

Play four shows then move on when your done
im left bored by your conversation
Why dont we just both admit the truth
In my eyes were both just fucking losers.
Track Name: Barry D
Im out on steroids starting a fight, hope im not first when im out of my puss, see me in town walking around, upper body like action man, oh what a clown.

Eating an ice cream plastic machine gun.

I am a bald fuck and i like my roids, i am hard as fuck.
Track Name: My Husband and Child are Dead, Lets Go Potholing
If i had the time
and if i had a garden
id dig you a shallow grave
for buying me that dvd.

Rock climbings for girls.
Track Name: False Hardcore Creates Rapists
Maxibon, river fun
Now all that good stuffs done
Davy's spit, shoulder hit
What the fucks the point of this?

Why must i always resent
peoples fucking happiness
have the balls to take the fall
kill myself or kill them all.

Humanitys a piece of shit, were all here to squander it and speed up our moral decline.
Track Name: Americas Next Top Spermbucket
Why dont you just eat a pie?